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Mary is primarily a printmaker working in the mediums of etching and relief as well as that of drawing. She is interested in material history—such as antiquated manual arts as well as antiquated artistic techniques and styles—and memory or subjective history. Symbolism and allegory inform her art as she weaves explorations of the relationship between an individuals’ psychic and emotional reality and that of their cultural ancestry. Her subject matter plays with content such as tales, dreams, Spirit and majick in a delightfully childlike though also a somewhat dark and mystical manner. Particularly fascinated by the Age of Modernity in Europe and the Americas, Mary’s subject matter is inspired by the likes of Hans Christian Anderson, Gerald Gardner, Julia Margaret Cameron and Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (aka. "Lewis Caroll") as she inherits their legacies as a member of our contemporary, techno-age and apocalypse-age society.


Mary Bluestocking earned her BFA in Interdisciplinary Fine Art from SUNY, Purchase where she did her Senior Project in woodcut prints under the advisement of renowned woodcut printmaker, Antonio Frasconi. She has exhibited her work at the Boston Museum of Fine Art, she was awarded status as a Printmakers’ Associateship at the Ink Shop & Olive Branch Press in Ithaca, NY, and she's exhibited at the National Arts Club, New York, NY with the the New York Society of Etchers. She teaches art to underprivileged children and teens in NYC and has taught internationally in Guatemala. Mary has been a member of the the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop since 2010.

Mary is currently developing a bilingual, English/Spanish autobiographical artists book, of prints and drawings about her alter-ego character "Goth Woman" and she's experimenting with making loose-form, hand-drawn narrative, booklets that are inspired by her dreams.